POWERNET online UPS system is specifically designed to protect computers and other critical equipments against all possible power problems. Total excellence is achieved through process of continued research and development.


Powernet Solutions Pvt Ltd gives you Static Hi-End DSP Based sine wave UPS ranging from 4 KVA to 20 KVA is specially designed and manufactured for Dental Chairs, Medical Equipments and Similar Use.


POWERNET Solar PCU is available with MPPT Charger in both Offline and Online double Conversion Configuration. The Solar Power generated will charge the batteries along with the Grid Charger.


ARD inverter sense the power failure and drives the lift car to the nearest floor or ground floor, open the door and allows the passengers to exit, This smart rescue device is the safest evacuation device as it has no interface with safety circuit of elevator.


OWERNET Rack Mount UPS make use of the unique AC-DC Conversion circuit to prevent line power failure; Power sags: Power Surges; Brownouts; line noise and high voltage spikes; frequency variation switching transients and line harmonic distortion.


Allows Monitoring of all important input and output parameters. All system options, battery voltage, battery charging and discharging - currents , output- overload and after-alarm messages and setting are displayed on the front LCD Panel.


Powernet Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a professionally managed company engaged in the Design and Manufacturing of power products like UPS and Inverters. Since 1999 we have charted significant progress in the manufacture of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems and inverters. For Quality we have accomplished the accreditation continuously upgrading our products and process with the latest technology and modern manufacturing facility spread over 9000Sq ft at prime location in Bangalore. We strictly execute each step of engineering, Quality assurance and production to render cost effective solutions in our products like Online UPS, Line- Interactive UPS and Home UPS etc.

Powernet Solutions has a fully fledged R&D unit to support innovation and address various needs of customizing products which are:

  • Product and system design
  • Products Development and Re-Engineering

Powernet Products have been tested by Electronics Test and Development Center (ETDC) and our products have been approved against DGS&D rate contract. Also registered as an approved supplier with Defence Research and Development Organization.